IPESOFT Ltd. was founded in 1993 by the founders (left to right) – Ján Rovňaník, Ľubomír Húska, Miroslav Kunsch and Vladimír Mečiar.

At the beginning, we were full of enthusiasm, searching for new solutions and creating new technologies of real-time data processing. We were among the first ones to manage to utilize the opportunity emerging from the liberalization of the energy market. Our technological know-how and expert competence in the field of energy enabled us to understand and support changes on this market.

Our vision was to develop software technologies which would be usable for multiple industry fields. That was the first idea from which our present real time supporting platform IPESOFT D2000 was created.
 More than 20 years passed by and we have grown on innovative ideas together with our key customers. We want to become leaders in supplying specialized ICT solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Constantly innovating our products and services and continually educating ourselves, our products are more and more sophisticated and bring our customers a significant competitive advantage. Many of our customers have become our friends.


Miroslav Kunsch