The IPESOFT REMS project at EXPO 2017

 A significant part of the activities IPESOFT ensures through the international projects. An important breakthrough for the company in this direction was the year 2012.


In cooperation with DXC (formerly HPE) and AO Transtelecom (KAZ) and other regional partners was signed a contract for the implementation of the REMS project for AO Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KAZ). Less than two years later, the system was put into operation. AO Transtelecom has undergone significant procedural and structural change thanks to this project. The company operating only in the field of railway telecommunication has gradually came to be an ambitious player in Kazakhstan and the surrounding area currently providing comprehensive IT services including outsourcing.

AO Transtelecom has their showrooms at EXPO 2017 including a rather interesting presentation of the REMS solution for KTZh. Its primary motive is to point to the efficiency achieved by reducing cost of diesel fuel by 12% or more precisely by reducing electricity consumption by 7%. We are pleased with an impressive presentation of the results after two years of use and proud to have the opportunity to influence the stable sustainability of the achieved state and the further development of the system by a long-term service contract signed until 2025.

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Miroslav Kunsch jr.

Miroslav Kunsch jr.

Sales and marketing specialist