COVID-19 related measures

 IPESOFT company, in connection with the current situation and the requirements of Central Crisis Staff of the
Slovak republic related to COVID-19 threat, has taken the basic protective actions. Their aim is to ensure the
protection of the health of the company's employees, to prevent the spread of the disease to other persons, to
fulfill the obligations towards the state authorities and last but not least to fulfill company's obligations arising
from the business and partnership contractual relations.

 We realize, with the full respect, that IPESOFT company is the supplier of the projects and services for critical
infrastructure in energy and industry. We continue to fulfill our obligations in acc ordance with the agreed terms
and conditions. We primary ensure the permanent technical support in accordance with the agreed SLA
parameters. The way of communication and reporting the requirements is carried out in the standard way
without limitations.

 However, in accordance with the social responsibility we restrict the personal contact and recommend the use
of videoconference calls. In case of necessary personal contact or on-site service we ask you to arrange in
advance the way of ensure the safety measures of both sides.

 IPESOFT company has also taken these preventive measures:

   1. NO ENTRY for foreign persons into the area of IPESOFT Ltd., Bytčická 2, Žilina from March 13, 2020
   10.00 a.m. till forbid.

   2. From March 16, 2020 the employees of technical support and Back Office will still work on IPESOFT
   company premises to the extent necessary. Other employees will perform their tasks in Home Office mode
   or other forms in accordance with the needs of company's obligations.

   3. The strict preventive hygienic measures have been taken from March 10, 2020 which means the increased
   frequency of disinfection of both the entrance and expose areas, and work equipment. A special
   disinfectant is also available for employees in the company premises.

 If you have an information, or suspicion, about the possibility of COVID-19 infection of any of your employees,
or their close persons, who have been or could have come into personal contact with the employees of IPESOFT,
we would like to ask you to inform us about this without delay.

 The contact person for sending information and answering your questions is Oliver Rovňaník.
GSM: +421-905-212-637, email: or

We constantly monitor the current situation and will inform you about the new measures.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards
Miroslav Kunsch
Chief Executive Officer

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For IPESOFT written by

Miroslav Kunsch jr.

Miroslav Kunsch jr.

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