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We created a unique approach while implementing the management of energy. Starting with electricity, through heat, gas or water – each and every form of energy is precious to us. Therefore, we assist large energy companies to produce and distribute energy perfectly and without loss, with the highest profit possible.



The effective utilization of energetic expenses is both the goal and the solution for us. In transport, this is one of the key factors to finding internal sources. Therefore, we create systems for the field of railway infrastructure and complex processing of information related to energies consumed by the transport of individuals and goods.



It does not matter how much data and how many various groups of users your production comprises of. Our intelligent production solutions create a lucid and working information world for you so that you may produce on time, in high quality, with optimal expenses and maximal profit.




SELT workshop

26-27.10.2016 Čingov - Slovak Paradise

Workshop held due to the updating of our most successful SW. We met with our customers and a part of the program was also an adrenalin walk through the beautiful Slovak Paradise National Park. 

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"IPESOFT, it’s foremost about the people. It is them that we are grateful to for having a unique approach and the ability to focus on every single detail. We are looking for new colleagues all the time. "

Iveta Kucková
Staff Manager